East Midlands Orchid Society Library

East Midlands Orchid Society has an extensive variety of orchid books, magazines, videos and CD’s from general culture to specific genera and for reference.

As a member you can:

  • Collect ‘Recommended Reading’ books from our monthly meeting.
  • Order any book(s) through the website email address – emos_orchid@btinternet.com , these can be collected at the next society meeting.  When ordering please state the book title and reference number.

There are also a variety of orchid magazines that can be loaned on the same basis.

When you collect your book(s), you will need to write your name in the Societies Library Logbook under the ‘Reference Number’ i.e. L4 and the date of collection, this will enable the Society to know the whereabouts of each book in case of another enquiry.

All books etc. are loaned ‘free of charge’ for a time period to suit yourself but we do recommend that all books are returned at the June meeting each year to enable the Society to take stock and maintain condition.

To view the East Midlands Orchid Society Library List please click here.​